Can You Really Get A Free Credit Report?

I have recently tried and have found it to be very useful. Once an account has been activated with your personal information you are able to view every aspect of your credit score, including credit history, credit inquires, credit history length and all accounts, open or closed. They do not require any payment information and allow access to all accounts. Along with general credit scores, they also offer Auto Insurance Scores and Home Insurance Scores.

I used my husband’s information first and found open accounts from 7 years ago that he had forgotten about. Since he was in the Armed Forces he had dozens of accounts, some were open and some were closed. Most open accounts offer an option to find other credit card offers that are recommended for personal or business accounts.

I personally use Capital One for my own credit information. I have an account with them and they provide me with most of my credit information. I can see my general credit score, all open and closed accounts, including vehicle loans and education loans. They also alert me when my score has changed or when I have made a payment to an open account. They allow me to see how many credit inquires have been made as well. While Capital One may not be free they do offer credit cards with low limits for people who need to build credit.

You may also be able to obtain a free credit score from other banking institutions or credit card companies. I know that J.P Morgan Chase bank offers one credit score report per year for free. You may also be able to obtain a copy of your current credit score by applying for a line of credit such as a vehicle loan or a mortgage.

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