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When you are buying a home in New Jersey a thorough home inspection is an important part of the process. A home inspection gives the buyer a clear picture of the condition of the property. The inspection can identify potential problems with major systems in the home like the electrical wiring, pipes and plumbing and the roof. While mortgage companies may not require a home inspection, it is in the best of the person buying the home to make sure it’s properly and thoroughly inspected by a licensed, experienced home inspector. This can prevent expensive problems from popping up after the closing.

An Expensive Long-Term Commitment

Buying a home in New Jersey is an expensive long-term commitment. Whether the home you are buying is in Camden, Elizabeth or Newark, it will likely cost over $100,000 and have a 15 to 30 year mortgage. The last thing you want to happen is immediately upon moving into the home you realize you need to spend thousands of dollars to make vital repairs to it. Closing on the mortgage on a home is an expensive process. Having to then spend thousands of dollars to repair the roof, electrical system, plumbing or the foundation can wreak havoc on your budget. Getting the home inspected can prevent this.

From Foundation To Roof

A good home inspection includes looking closely at the foundation, roof and everything in between. While to the untrained eyes of the excited home buyer the property may look like it’s in good condition, the trained eyes of a licensed, experienced home inspector can quickly spot potential problems. It could be water stains on the ceiling, dampness on walls or floors, flickering lights or sinks, toilets and tubs that drain too slowly. All of these can point to hidden problems. A thorough home inspection can reveal these and other problems that the buyer can require the seller to address before the closing.

A Wise Investment

It does not matter if you are buying a home in Stratford, Englewood Cliffs, New Vernon, Alpine, Short Hills, Stone Harbor, Deal or Garden City, New Jersey, hiring a good home inspector is a wise investment. Paying a home inspector a few hundred dollars to ensure the property has no major problems before you commit to paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for it over 20 to 30 years is the sensible thing to do. Trying to save a few pennies by not hiring a home inspector can end up costing you thousands of dollars in unexpected repairs in the long run. It’s a trap many people fall into year after year.

Don’t Close Without It

Despite a home passing the eye-test with flying colors and assurances from the property owner that the home does not have any major problems, don’t close on the home without having it inspected by a professional. They will give you a report the shows where any potential problems may exist. This will enable you to have them assessed and addressed before buying the home and then having potentially major issues that will be revealed as soon as you move in. Once you have signed the closing documents, you are on the hook for any repairs the home needs. When a home inspection finds the flaws before the closing, it’s the seller’s responsibility to fix them.

Have Old And New Homes Inspected

Most people agree it’s important to have a home inspection done on an older home before buying it. However, when it comes to newer homes, many people don’t think having a home inspection done is necessary. Even newer homes can have serious problems. The builder could have made an error, done slipshod work or used inferior materials. That can lead to expensive problems with the foundation, flooring, plumbing, electrical wiring or the roof that may not be obvious to the average buyer. A good home inspector has the tools and training to find those problems and prevent a buyer from making an expensive mistake.

Don’t Buy A Money Pit

A good home inspector can help people avoid buying a money pit. Homes that look good to the naked eye, but have hidden problems that regularly require expensive repairs. A home inspection in New Jersey provides buyers with unbiased, in-depth analysis of the condition and safety of a home. A home inspector can also make key recommendations about the need to have specific defects in a home fixed before closing on it. Ignoring that advice can result in the home buyer having to continually spend money on problems they should have had addressed before they purchased the home.

Add A Home Inspection Contingency

A home inspection contingency is a contract clause giving buyers the right to walk away from a purchase agreement they accepted based on the home inspection results. If the home inspection reveals major issues with the home, the seller is made aware and has to address them before the buyer closes on the property. If the seller refuses to make the necessary repairs, the buyer can simply walk away from the deal. Adding home inspection contingencies protect the buyers’ interests and ensures they don’t buy homes with major problems just because they signed a purchase agreement.

What Home Inspectors Do

Home inspectors assess the condition and safety of a home’s key features. That includes structural components like foundation, floors, walls, ceilings, doors, steps, decks, fascia and eaves. They also assess driveways, walkways, water drainage, roof, chimneys, skylights, plumbing, water supply, fixtures and faucets. Home inspectors also look at sewage ejectors, sump pumps, the electrical system’s condition, panels and wiring. They also check the heating and air conditioning system, appliances and attic. Their reports list all safety issues and serious defects they find.

A Very Important Service

Home inspection in New Jersey is a very important service whether you are purchasing a home in Paterson, Clifton, Trenton, Passaic, Union City, Bayonne or Atlantic City. It helps ensure the home you are interested in buying is safe and in good condition.

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